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The Idea

At the heart of CreatIC is the continuous measuring of the business climate in relation to innovation and health development. As a result significant trends can be detected at an early stage and measures can be implemented immediately. Furthermore the effectiveness of these interventions will be directly made apparent through CreatIC.

This approach in contrast to traditional employee surveys, meets the demands of the fast-paced modern working world.

Yesterday & Today

In contrast to conventional employee surveys, CreatIC fulfills the demands of our fast paced ever-changing modern working world!

Conventional Employee Surveys

  • Employee questionaires are among the most widespread instruments of personnel and organizational development and are used by more than 75% of companies. (more)
  • On average, conventional employee surveys are repeated only every 1 - 2 years and take 8 months from the planning and implementation to the feedback of the results. (more)
  • This is a far too low sampling frequency to recognise relevant changes in modern working life (restructuring processes, new projects, changing team compositions, etc.) in good enough time !


  • CreatIC examines the dimensions of an innovative corporate culture by ongoing measurement and analysis.
  • Negative dynamics are detected at an early stage; derived measures can be specifically designed and their success controlled.
  • The way the questionaire is formulated CreatIC stimulates the employees to be actively involved with (tackle) the success factors of their daily work.
  • The basis of CreatIC is a ongoing survey of employees which by the responses recieved to easier questions integral to everyday work life depicts the current state of the experienced and lived corporate culture.

Your Benefits

Innovation Drive and Health: Successful Use of Business Potentials.

  • Innovation Drive

    Innovation drive is at the present time one of the central resources to ensure (secure) the economic survival of organizations. This factor will play an even more significant role in global competition in the future. (more)

  • Business Climate

    Besides appropriate processes and structures the business climate is decisive when it comes to transforming creativity into innovation. Numerous studies demonstrate the influence of the work environment on the creativity and innovation of employees. (more)

  • Employees

    Scientific studies show that the more employees can contribute in a self-responsible, formative and creative way, the more innovative the company is and the more health-promoting the working climate is. (more)

The dimensions

The innovative climate of a company is determined by 9 aspects, also known as dimensions,. (more) . This is what CreatIC measures. For a better understanding, here are a few possible statements to the dimensions (both positive and negative):

Appropriate workload

"In the evenings I have the feeling I have done something during the day but I still have energy left for my family and other things."


"Rather than supporting each other lately we are making life more difficult!”

Motivating Work

"In relation to my work I have the feeling that I am contributing in a meaningful way to the success of the company."


"Sometimes I wish more freedom to structure my work myself."


"I can identify with the corporate goals and mission statements."

Stimulating leader

"My boss also inspires me once in a while to go an extra mile."

Implementation of ideas

"In our team quite a few ideas have disappeared never to be heard of again."


"I recently noticed again how stuck we are in our procedures."

Out of the Box

"In our company sometimes unconventional ideas are listened to and also ‘holy cows’ are questioned."

The Tool

Lightweight apps for the participants facilitate answering the questions and offer a direct insight into the business climate based on the following aspects:
Attractiveness index, average values and deviations for all questions, the 9 dimensions of an innovative climate, health, innovation climate matrix, company specific questions..

The Tool Demo

Take a look at CreatIC yourself. Anonymous, free of charge and without obligation!.

  • 1. Visit the CreatIC link CreatIC Tool Website
  • 2. Click on the "Not registered yet? Click here!"
  • 3. Use the registry key "demo1"
  • 4. Register anonymously, free of charge and without obligation
  • 5. Have fun! ❤
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How it Works

CreatIC is continuously measureing the business climate.

Every now and again the participants answer questions about the work climate, their well-being and company-specific topics. This is done simply on a PC browser, a Smartphone, or a tablet. The survey is divided into cycles. At the end of each cycle all the participants get feedback of their own current results, as well as those of their team and the average values of the entire company.
On the basis of the results the employees are invited to draw conclusions, to develop ideas and contribute to the sustainable improvement of the corporate culture. This can be achieved by conversations, in jour-fix meetings, team meetings, workshops and/or via the dialogue platform integrated in the Tool. Managers can use the results as a basis for their further planning for organizational and personnel development and also use it also for spontaneous interventions.
The success of these actions taken can be immediately gauged by means of the results from the following cycles.

Dont panic, organise!

The scientific basic

CreatIC is based on research

CreatIC emerged from the practice-oriented research project "KreativBarometer". The project was carried out by the Institute for Information and Technology Management of the Ruhr University Bochum, the Institute for Applied Creativity and selected industrial partners. The European Social Fund funded project ran between October 2010 and October 2012.

Within the framework of the project 399 participants in 40 teams from eight companies took part in the continuous employee survey and gave 60,549 individual answers..

As success factors for a continuous survey we identified:

  • anonymity
  • unobtrusiveness
  • self-determination
  • transparency of the results and measures

Furthermore, a positive correlation was demonstrated between subjective perceptions of health and a climate of innovation.

The CreatIC Team

Peter Weil

Managing Partner IAK Germany

Leander Greitemann

Partner IAK Germany

Jan Nierhoff

Lead Developer IAK Germany

If you are interested in CreatIC and would like further information, we would be more than happy to receive an Email from you - without any obligation!